Co-operative living pegged as a potential answer to housing crisis

From Stuff:

A cluster of inner city townhouses has solved a single parent’s search for a home and may hold an answer to Christchurch’s housing crisis.

In October last year, nursing student Rosie Moore and 7-year-old son Ernie moved into the Peterborough Housing Co-op – a pocket neighbourhood of 14 townhouses (plus one tiny house) on a block of land between Manchester and Madras streets.

“It’s a new house, a change in lifestyle, and it is a really positive thing for both of us,” Moore says, in an interview with Frank Film. “I think more people would live in the city if they could, if it was more affordable. It is more convenient and there are a lot of really great facilities in town.”

The housing co-op dates back to the 1980s, when the Te Whanau Charitable Trust that governed Piko Wholefoods expanded to include a land trust.


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